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Hi. My name is Tricia and I’m a former emotional eater and food addict. For many years, I was crippled by my obsession with food. I loved everything ooey, gooey and chewy. You name it, if it was yummy, I couldn’t leave it alone!

I routinely binged on sugar and carbs (think chips, fries and bread), and I felt terrible. I was 50 pounds overweight, bloated, and I hated my body. I thought about food 24/7. My constant thoughts about food and weight interrupted my work, my time with family, and anything I was doing, frankly. I felt so embarrassed by how I looked. I couldn’t cover up my rolls of fat, no matter how hard I tried. And even though I went on plenty of diets to try and lose weight, my cravings always undermined my resolve. I’d blow my diet time and time again.

Relief came when I learned how to address and heal the underlying causes of my emotional eating. When I stopped turning to food for comfort, I lost weight without focusing on weight loss. It just happened automatically. And that’s exactly what I want to show you how to do.

So please join me, and together, let’s heal your hunger. You deserve to feel peaceful around food and to feel (and look) great. Your first step is to book a complimentary Breakthrough Session. Let’s determine your next steps so you can finally live in freedom.

Light & Love,

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The Heal Your Hunger Show will inform, support and inspire you to make real, life changes that will directly affect your eating habits. These changes—that have little to do with diet and exercise—will not only help you overcome emotional eating, but they will make daily living happier, healthier and 1000 times more fun. 

Make peace with food and finally live in freedom. 

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