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Emotions That Cause Weight Gain

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When people talk about the emotional causes of weight gain, they usually center on stress. And while that’s a big one, there are actually six major emotions that can trigger emotional eating and cause you to gain weight. The big surprise is that these emotions don’t have to be negative! Sometimes, positive emotions like happiness [...]

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How To Be Bigger Than Your Cravings

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Having a strong craving and feeling powerless to do anything about it is awful. You feel defeated, weak, and out of control. There are a few things you can do when cravings hit so that you become bigger than your cravings. These tips will help you feel better about yourself and even give you a [...]

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Why Weight Loss is a Bad New Year’s Resolution

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The New Year naturally gets us thinking about how we want things to be different. We think about what didn’t go so well in the last year and how we want to have new experiences in the New Year. The problem is, just wanting things to be different rarely changes anything. In order to achieve [...]

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3 Steps to a Stress-free Holiday Season

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Holidays are typically stressful everyone. Even if you boycotted the holidays, you’d still have to contend with the traffic, crowds and endless tracks of holiday music playing everywhere! While many of us enjoy and look forward to the holidays, it doesn’t make them much easier. Time with family, as loving as they might be, can [...]

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How to Avoid the ” Holiday Blues ” in 3 Simple Steps

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It seems strange that so many people feel depressed during the holidays, when it’s a time is a time when we’re supposed to feel joyful. The experience of feeling down during the holidays is real for so many, however. So what can you do to avoid the “ holiday blues ” this coming season? If [...]

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Pre-Party Jitters? How to Squash Social Anxiety This Holiday Season

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If you’re anything like me, you get a little nervous to go out and socialize. Parties are supposed to be fun, but if you suffer from even a tinge of social anxiety, things can get a little hairy leading up to the event. You may start worrying about what to wear, convincing yourself that you’ll [...]

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How to Overcome Shame

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Did you ever read Judy Blume Books as a kid? They were my favorite! Books like: Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. Blubber Deenie Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing I loved her books. I wasn’t a big reader, but I always devoured her books. They were about real topics: boy crushes, getting your [...]

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Resolve to Stop Resolving

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Dear Tricia:                                                                                                                                 For years, I have made weight loss resolutions that I haven’t achieved. What can I do differently this year to accomplish my goals?                                                           [...]

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Watching out for “Party” Portion!

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Dear Tricia: As far as eating the right foods and portion sizes, I do well at home during the week. But whenever there is a social event or potluck, I tend to overeat and my portion sizes are far larger than at home. Is it socializing or an inner conflict that’s driving me?     [...]

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Sexual Addiction as a Precursor

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Dear Tricia: There always seems to be a lot of press related to the sexual molestation of minors. I have a hard time understanding why these people do what they do. There seems to be a pattern of abusers having a history of being sexual abused. Do you deal with these issues in the help [...]