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When the Funhouse Mirror Isn’t so Fun

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Dear Tricia: My whole life I have felt fat. I am actually a normal weight, but I don’t feel like it. I have always felt bigger than my friends and been embarrassed about my weight. But when I look at pictures, I look pretty normal. Why can’t I see myself the way others see me?  [...]

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How to Avoid Eating when bad news strike?

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Dear Tricia, with all this news about our economy and unstable stock market, job losses and foreclosures, I feel depressed about the state of our nation. I find that I'm consoling myself with food and wine at night and it's hard to break the cycle. How can I avoid letting all this bad news get [...]

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5 Tasty Tips for a Healthy BBQ Season

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Summertime is awesome. The weather is gorgeous (even if it’s not sunny) and there always seems to be more time to be with family and friends. Unfortunately, summer also means more parties and more opportunities to overeat. Since I’m heading to a BBQ party in a few days, I thought I’d write about my own [...]

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Are You the Parent of An Overweight Child?

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This is for all the mothers in the world who have kids with weight issues. Dear Tricia, My child is overweight and I'm extremely concerned for her because I know from personal experience how painful it is to grow up with a weight problem. What can I do to help her lose weight and have [...]

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The Convenience Factor

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In a classic food psychology book harshly titled Obese Humans and Rats, researchers Stanley Schachter and his team determined that the more hassle to obtain food, the less we eat. If white rats in cages have to press a little food lever 10 times before they are awarded with food pellets, they eat often. If [...]

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Do You Eat to Quiet Your Mind?

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“Dear Tricia, I'm an emotional eater. I'm convinced my situation would improve if only my head wasn't spinning a hundred miles a minute. I can't turn it off. I find that the only time I have a respite is when I'm zoning out in front of the TV with a bag of chips or cookies. [...]

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Do Baggy Clothes Cause Weight Gain?

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In his book Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink relays a story about a particular Midwestern jail, where the sheriff noticed an interesting trend: the inmates would gain 20 – 25 pounds during their 6 month stay. While this weight gain could be attributed to a number of factors, it was unlikely to be the food (prison [...]

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It’s Thinner in Paris

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Most people, dieters and non-dieters alike, are aware of the fact that the French seem to have more of a handle on their weight than the average American. And we often wonder why. This is a place known for decadent, fattening foods: rich pastries, cakes, cheese, baguettes and heavy cream-based sauces. What gives? According to [...]

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Do You Live the Double Life of a Bulimic?

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Dear Tricia,  I'm a 43-year old woman with an eating disorder. I've been bulimic for 25 years now, starting when I was 18. I went to treatment when I was 20, but I still continue to purge. I always thought that I'd grow out of it, or that I'd stop when I became a professional, [...]

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Even the Food Experts Get Fooled

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During a “wrap party” for 20/20 who shot an episode on food consumption, Brian Wansink (author of Mindless Eating) and other researchers played a trick on the attendants, who were all experts on matters related to food. At the ice-cream social that was held, the researchers gave out either medium-size or large-size bowls to their [...]