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6 Steps to a Peaceful Meditation Practice

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Meditation is becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still skeptical. It is hard to understand how stillness and silence can not only lessen your anxiety, but substantially alter your brain. After all, the reason why people keep themselves so busy is because they are running away from their thoughts. They are accustomed to jumping [...]

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Is Saturated Fat Good Or Bad for You?

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Have you ever wondered why store shelves are full of fat-free products? It might seem obvious at first glance. People are overweight and want to lose fat. Logically, they buy products with low and no fat to stop unneeded fat from creeping onto their dinner plate. The simple fact is that fat, and especially saturated [...]

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CBD Oil and Other Effective Naturopathic Pain Treatments

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As we get older, aches and pains can become an increasing part of everyday life. Whether it is a twinge in your knee when you bend, or an ache in your shoulder that just won’t go away, these everyday nuisances make life a little harder. If you experience this, you are not alone; more than [...]

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Emotional Eating – Can It Be a True Addiction?

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Eating is not only a pleasurable experience, it is one of life’s necessities. We must eat to live. However, modern day humans have evolved from an experience of relative food scarcity to one of an overabundance of food. Eating is no longer a primal response to hunger, but a form of social engagement. And unfortunately, [...]

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5 Quick Tips When Cravings Hit

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Having a strong craving and feeling powerless to do anything about it is awful. You feel defeated, weak, out of control. There are a few things you can do when cravings hit so that you become bigger than your cravings. These tips will help you feel better about yourself and even a tiny boost in [...]

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Say It Or Stuff It!

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Emotional eaters typically not only stuff our feelings, but we also stuff things that we really want to say. Since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of speaking my mind. I grew up in a family where people are fairly intellectual and like to debate…in fact my dad and middle sister felt intellectually superior [...]

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Can Turmeric Help You Burn Fat? Yes, and So Much More!

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Most mornings I like to walk down to my local Joe & the Juice and get my favorite drink: Joe’s Identity. Except that I swap out the spinach for turmeric. Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful (and hidden) medicines. This vibrant yellow spice, which is popular in many curry dishes, may help with issues [...]

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HIIT It to Lose It!

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You’ve been meaning to go to the gym for a few weeks now, but something keeps getting in your way: a work deadline you can’t miss, your grandson’s recital, catching up with a loved one, or just plain fatigue.  We all know how hard it is to stay motivated to go to the gym. What [...]

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Is Chocolate Healthy for Dieters and Emotional Eaters?

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A chocolate bar-a-day keeps the body fat away. Too good to be true? That’s because it is. This didn’t stop the news, and even respected health magazines, from picking up an intentionally fake chocolate diet weight loss study based entirely on junk science. The study was carried out by a science journalist who wanted to [...]

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Watching out for “Party” Portion!

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Dear Tricia: As far as eating the right foods and portion sizes, I do well at home during the week. But whenever there is a social event or potluck, I tend to overeat and my portion sizes are far larger than at home. Is it socializing or an inner conflict that’s driving me?     [...]