Are you an emotional eater or a food addict?

Most people overeat for emotional reasons, but generally exhibit control around food, others know they are emotional eaters and struggle with it daily. Some engage in binge-eating behavior so regularly that they could be considered “food addicts.”

Where do you stand? Get your personal score and find out what to do about it.

Questions: Never Sometimes Often Almost Always
1. I eat when I’m not hungry
2. I eat until I’m stuffed.
3. I eat when I’m upset
4. I eat when I’m excited or happy.
5. I have heavy mood swings.
6. I am “bitchy” when I’m hungry or on a diet.
7. Friends have called me “too serious” or “intense.”
8. I feel unfulfilled in my life.
9. I have depressive, morbid thoughts.
10. I try to escape feeling any bad feelings by eating.
11. I’ve lied about what I’ve eaten or not eaten.
12. I’ve retrieved binge food from the trash that I’ve already thrown out.
13. I have hidden food from family members so I could eat it myself.
14. I wait until I’m alone to overeat.
15. I have vomited or tried to vomit the food I’ve overeaten.
16. My thoughts are preoccupied with food.
17. I am unhappy with my body size.
18. I obsess about my weight and body size.
19. I pick up diet books or magazines hoping for a miracle diet.
20. It seems like I’m always “on a diet!”

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