Check your email this week for extra goodies. Here's the first four resources that will move the needle for you!
Goody #1: 10 Secrets to Expressing Yourself With Confidence
This is from the step on Communication. Because let’s face it, if we don’t begin to speak up and express ourselves, we’ll always have to stuff our feelings with food.
Goody #2: Tricia's Favorite Courage Quotes
This is from the last of the 7 Simple Steps, the step called Courage because all of the steps in my book take courage to integrate into our lives. So these quotes will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone (AKA misery zone!) and start taking action to end emotional eating now.
Goody #3: Anatomy of the Emotional Eater Worksheet
Definitely don’t miss the chapter on The Anatomy of the Emotional Eater. You will love it! Just read starting on page 47 (Chapter 4) and learn about the personality profile of the emotional eater.
Goody #4: Roy's Meditation