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"I spent 50 years trying to find peace around food. I was up and down the scale, and even when I was thin, I wasn't at peace. It wasn't until I walked this Heal Your Hunger path that I was able to finally stop struggling with food and weight."

- Pat

"Not only have I shed the person I was - hard on myself, critical of others, controlling and lonely, but I've been blessed to lose 100 pounds and keep it off for over a decade."

- Tsilah

Don’t believe the lies -

Diets don’t work and medication is NOT your best option for weight loss.

In fact, 98% of all diets fail. Why? Because of this #1 overlooked problem. YES, there is a NATURAL way to stop being hungry all the time. Even if you’ve been struggling with food and weight for decades, you’re not hopeless. But you may be an emotional eater - and possibly addicted to food.

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Why you eat until you’re stuffed - even though you know better: Here’s how to change you can finally follow through on what you know.

The real reason 98% of diets fail (or have failed you): You’re not a failure because diets didn’t work for you. Find out why diets FAILED YOU.

Why some people have self-control...and you don’t: 
Susie can eat a handful of chips and stop - and you can’t. Here’s why, and how to change it.

How to stop the stress that causes stress-eating: Find out if you have the personality profile that causes food cravings and what to do about it.

The #1 personality trait that’s driving self-sabotage: 
If you don’t change this one trait, you’ll keep sabotaging your weight loss success. This is key for you...



Meet Tricia

I’m Tricia Nelson and I’m a former emotional eater and food addict.

For many years, I was crippled by my compulsion to eat. I loved everything “ooey, gooey, and chewy”! If it was yummy, I couldn’t leave it alone.

I was 50 pounds overweight, and I hated my body. My obsession with food robbed me of my health, and precious time with family friends.

But after I discovered a way to finally make peace with food, I was able to lose weight – without diets or pills. You can have this too.

Don’t let years of failed diets stop you from losing weight and feeling great in your body

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