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2-part FREE Holiday Hacks Masterclass:

How to De-Stress & Eat Less This Holiday Season

How to stop emotional eating and start feeling in control during the holidays. 

Dec 5th & 6th at 5:30pm PT

Tricia Nelson

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid the temptation to overindulge on sweets and alcohol
  • My best hacks for making self-care a priority so you can feel calm.
  • How to stay committed to healthy eating - even when others push you to cave.
  • 3 Tips for staying sane around (irritating) relatives.
  • My best hacks to avoid the “please-pleasing” and stress trap
  • How to stay emotionally balanced amidst the chaos of a busy schedule.
  • And how to find joy in the season.

Yes! It’s totally possible...And it’s free!

You can enjoy the holidays without overindulging.

You can avoid high-calorie, sugary foods and still feel satisfied. You can set boundaries with people and still enjoy their company

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Day 1: Food, Mood & Spirits

  • How to sail through the holidays without gaining a pound
  • The #1 secret to having fun...without getting sauced
  • 3 steps to quickly achieve balance, no matter what's going on
  • How to beat depression and avoid the "Holiday blues”
  • How to sidestep the sugar trap, without feeling deprived
  • Enjoy the spirit of the season and find blessings everywhere

Day 2: Stress, Money & Family

  • How to handle holiday stress before it handles you
  • Beat the pre-party "jitters" and feel confident wherever you go
  • How to "respectfully decline" invites for parties you don't want to attend
  • 3 sure-fire secrets to maintain harmony with the in-laws
  • How to create family memories everyone will want to recall
  • How to give amazing gifts that won't drain your bank account

This Masterclass is being held exclusively on Zoom; Feel the power of connecting with Tricia and the other women that are making this holiday season the healthiest one ever.

What people are saying:

I wrote so many pages of notes and referred back to them whenever the family tension got intense…helped me chill out right away!


Wow! Tricia really brings it. I learned so many tips on how to feel in control of my food choices all throughout the holidays.


I stopped eating sugar and lost 20 pounds from Tricia’s training. She’s funny and fun, to boot!