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5 Tasty Tips for a Healthy BBQ Season

Summertime is awesome. The weather is gorgeous (even if it’s not sunny) and there always seems to be more time to be with family and friends.

Unfortunately, summer also means more parties and more opportunities to overeat.

Since I’m heading to a BBQ party in a few days, I thought I’d write about my own SURVIVAL SKILLS that help me stay balanced and free from emotional eating. I want to enjoy myself and the company, without ending the day feeling bad or stuffed. Join me in trying these tips for your next BBQ party.

  1. Call Ahead and Find Out What’s Cookin’

When invited to a party, this is always the first thing I do. I call the host and inquire about what will be served. I mention that I have some food sensitivities and need to know so that I’ll know if there will be something I can eat or if I need to bring something that work for me. In this case, the hostess mentioned several things that won’t work for me (vegetarian lasagna and caesar salad, among them.) The last thing I want to do is show up to the party hungry and not have any good options so I asked the hostess if she’d be OK if I brought my own salad and meat option. Of course she has no problem with that. So I’ll get to eat what I feel good about, and she doesn’t have to go to any extra trouble.

  1. Enjoy the Company – That’s What You’re There For

Try and reframe social gatherings; instead of being an excuse to eat, make then be about the people who are there. When you focus on connecting with people who are there, and get really interested in how they are and what’s new in their lives, your thoughts about food will dissipate.

  1. Help Out So You don’t Break Out!

If you feel socially awkward like I do sometimes, get busy helping out at the party. Ask the host what you can do to help, or just start clearing dishes. Go to the kitchen and pick up a sponge. Wipe down the counters or take out the trash. You will feel useful and your assistance will be much appreciated.

  1. Try My Favorite Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce: Xyla.

It’s delicious and sugar-free. It’s sweetened with Xylitol, which is 100% natural, has 75% fewer carbs than sugar, and is actually good for your teeth.

I got mine at Whole Foods, but on the Xyla website it says you can purchase Xyla products at other places like Sprouts and Walmart, possibly.

  1. Delicious Lemonade (Sweetened with Stevia)

Lemons, stevia and ice water; that’s all you need to mix up a delicious pitcher of lemonade, for yourself and others. Bring enough to the party that you can share, because someone is bound to get interested in your healthy and tasty beverage.

This blueprint for a healthy, happy Fourth of July celebration can carry you through the summer. Connection and community will be more satisfying than any ooey, gooey, chewy foods you could consume. Enjoy yourself—and those fireworks!