I had so much fun interviewing my friend and Life Coach, Lillian McDermott. Lillian is the radio host of The Lillian McDermott Show and founder of WhenYouNeedaFriend.com, which shows people that they don’t need a PhD to give good friendly advice; they just need to be a good friend and trust their own intuition. Lillian is such a breath of fresh air that when you listen to our chat you will be uplifted and motivated to take positive action in your life…right now!

Check out the show notes below, and listen to the podcast on your favorite app here! 

Show Notes

1:01 Lillian McDermott introduction
1:50 Lillian’s radio show
3:45 Getting let go
5:20 First time on the radio
6:30 Needing friendship
7:10 Growth and change
9:30 Opportunities for growth and improvement
10:50 The lessons learned from Fight Club
13:19 Being mindful
15:40 Seeing in others what we don’t see in ourselves
17:35 Energy and beauty
18:56 The benefits of facing things we don’t want to face
21:30 How to forgive and grow
24:30 The train keeps coming around
25:00 Lasting effects of early trauma
32:41 Living in freedom

Check website here: WhenYouNeedaFriend.com

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