Do you sometimes feel like everything is going wrong, that life is against you? Dr. Meg Haworth has been through it, whether it’s drowning, sexual abuse, autoimmune diseases, three marriages, men who cheated on her, and even being struck by lightening. If anyone has a case for feeling victimized, it’s her. And yet she has not only triumphed over all of it, but she shows other women how to do the same. Dr. Meg is a chef, author of several cookbooks and a transformational guide for those suffering with trauma. You will love Dr. Meg!

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Show Notes

0:48 Dr. Meg’s story
2:30 Emotional eating and trauma
4:38 Spiritual therapy
6:50 Transforming the idea that you are a victim
9:20 Releasing the emotions
10:12 Personal power centers
11:35 Overcoming our victim mentality
12:20 Make a decision
14:00 You must want to be free
14:35 Lightning power of choice
16:30 Seeking help
18:45 Karma is your responsibility
19:55 Forgiveness
22:30 Freedom from Anger

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