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March 14, 2024

Ep455: Burnout: Here’s What to Do…with Nicolette Verheem

It can happen to anyone…you’re working hard at your job, perhaps you lack good self-care, the stress accumulates over time, and you begin to feel bad. Symptoms like migraines, gut issues, depression or anxiety can start to creep into your reality. You can’t rest. And you don’t know what’s wrong. It could be burnout. In this episode, I interview burnout expert, Nicolette Verheem. She shares how to spot burnout and what to do about it.

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  • Introduction to Guests and Context
    • The conversation begins with a light-hearted reminiscence about meeting in a casual setting during an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.
    • The guest, Nico, was part of the Dutch Ultimate Frisbee team, and the host met her through this event.
  • Cultural Differences and Initial Impressions
    • Discussion on cultural openness and acceptance, highlighting the Dutch team’s welcoming nature.
  • Topic of Burnout
    • Nico specializes in burnout, a condition prevalent among overachievers and perfectionists.
    • The conversation shifts to the technical definition of burnout, its symptoms, and the impact on individuals.
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of Burnout
    • Four main symptoms of burnout: exhaustion, emotional instability, brain fog, and depersonalization.
    • Challenges in diagnosing burnout due to its similarity to depression and anxiety.
  • Causes and Misconceptions of Burnout
    • Burnout is not limited to professional life; it can stem from personal life stressors as well.
    • The World Health Organization’s definition of burnout as a workplace phenomenon is discussed and critiqued.
  • Gender Differences in Burnout
    • Women are slightly more affected by burnout, possibly due to societal pressures and perfectionism.
    • Men are less likely to seek help due to stigma and societal expectations.
  • Treatment and Recovery
    • Importance of proper diagnosis and tailored treatment, highlighting the difference between burnout and depression treatments.
    • Nico’s holistic approach includes body work, yoga, and promoting self-care and gentleness.
  • Personal Connection and Nico’s Background
    • Nico’s personal journey and professional background in sports, yoga, and health coaching.
    • The importance of physical activity, like gentle walking, in managing stress and aiding recovery.
  • Outreach and Support
    • Nico’s book, “Survival Guide for Burnout,” aims to provide support and guidance to those suffering from burnout.
    • The book includes personal stories and practical tips for recovery.
  • Emotional and Professional Fulfillment
    • Nico’s personal growth and transformation in dealing with her own emotional needs and professional aspirations.
    • The podcast ends with a reflection on the deeper emotional needs and how fulfilling them contributes to personal and professional satisfaction.

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