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March 25, 2024

Ep456: What’s Causing Your Food Cravings – with Roy Nelson

Food cravings. They don’t just happen. There is a cause, and knowing where they come from and how to heal them, is a total game changer for emotional eaters. This episode is an interview I did with my mentor, Roy Nelson, over 10 years ago (before I founded Heal Your Hunger!). Roy’s words and insights are just as true and life-changing today. 

  • Introduction to Roy Nelson: 
    • Roy Nelson has been instrumental in guiding individuals on their healing journeys, particularly in overcoming emotional eating, food addiction, and binge eating.
  • Cravings Cycle:
    •  Cravings are not satiated by indulging them; instead, they perpetuate themselves, creating an endless cycle of desire without satisfaction.
  • Subconscious Programming: 
    • Our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions are heavily influenced by our subconscious, often without our conscious awareness.
    • Cravings often stem from underlying emotional pain that individuals attempt to numb or suppress.
  • Unaddressed Feelings: 
    • Nelson highlights the importance of addressing and processing emotions rather than burying them, as unresolved feelings can lead to cravings.
    • Guilt and dissatisfaction with oneself often drive individuals to seek escape through addictive behaviors.
  • Facing Oneself: 
    • True healing involves facing one’s guilt, pain, and underlying issues, which diminishes the power of addiction.
  • Stress and Tranquilizers: 
    • Stress is a significant trigger for cravings, with individuals seeking solace in food, alcohol, or drugs as a form of tranquilizer.
  • Change is Essential: 
    • Overcoming cravings and addiction requires significant personal change and self-reflection.
  • The Nelson Method:
    • Nelson’s approach involves facing, embracing, and erasing the root causes of addiction, leading to the removal of cravings.
    • Nelson emphasizes the importance of having someone who understands and cares, as it facilitates healing and self-awareness.
  • Removing Cravings: 
    • Unlike traditional methods that focus on abstaining from addictive substances, Nelson’s approach aims to remove cravings altogether.
    • Merely stopping addictive behaviors without addressing the underlying issues often leads to relapse or the emergence of new addictions.
    • Nelson’s insights underscore the complexity of addiction and the importance of holistic approaches to healing.

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