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April 23, 2024

Ep459: Shedding Layers and Finding Her Light with Sal Daina

Has middle-age left you feeling like you don’t quite know who you are, or where your place is in your life? In this episode, I have a real and raw conversation with my friend from down under – Sal Daina – about how she’s transforming herself and finding her light (the same thing she does for others). This talk will uplift you and help you take that next bold step toward becoming the beautiful, authentic soul that God made you to be.  Connect with Sal Dana: Facebook: Sal Daina (Public Profile) Email:

Reinvention Journey:

  • Sal shares her journey of reinvention, including overcoming addictions.
  • Talks about the authenticity shift she experienced and the realization of feeling lonely despite achieving her dream home.

    Challenges and Lessons:

  • Learns the importance of living in the present and serving others while embracing vulnerability.
  • Shares a personal moment of shedding old traumas and embracing her body image at the age of 54.
  • Discusses the identity shift from an entrepreneur who lost everything to embracing a billionaire mindset.
  • Emphasizes the importance of making space for a new identity and stepping into the unknown with courage.

    Empowerment and Inspiration:

  • Encourages listeners to embrace change and take brave steps toward reinventing themselves.
  • Sal’s journey serves as inspiration for those facing similar struggles and seeking transformation.

Facebook:    saldaina22 |

Insta:             sal_daina |

LinkedIn:   aldaina22 |

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