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April 25, 2024

Ep460: How to Overcome a Bad Breakup with Food

When food binges get so bad that we swear off sugar and carbs “for good”, then what do we do? We want to be done, but we still feel a sense of loss and emptiness. When comfort eating has been our #1 way of coping with life, we need a new way to cope, or we’ll turn back to the food, just like returning to the familiarity of an abusive relationship. Join me as I explore how to break up with food…and mean it.

  • Acknowledging the difficult journey of overcoming emotional eating and food addiction.
  • Sharing personal experiences and insights into the challenges of breaking free from unhealthy food dependencies.
  • Drawing parallels between dependency on food and dependency on relationships, highlighting the need for a diverse support system.
  • Reflecting on Tricia’s personal journey of developing healthier coping mechanisms and support structures.
  • Stressing the significance of having alternative coping tools in place before attempting to break free from food addiction.
  • Encouraging listeners to embrace the process of grief and emotional healing while transitioning away from unhealthy food habits.
  • Expressing optimism about the possibility of overcoming food addiction and finding joy and freedom in life.
  • Reiterating the importance of seeking support and guidance in the journey toward healing and healthier living.

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