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April 30, 2024

Ep461: The 7 Perils of People-Pleasing

CAUTION: Tough truths ahead! Yes, indeed, in this episode, I talk about one of the biggest cruxes of emotional eating and it’s underlying causes: people-pleasing. Why we do it, and how it undermines our health, our relationships and our eating. Don’t miss this honest, raw sharing of my own relapse with people-pleasing, and what it takes to overcome this destructive habit.

The Seven Perils of People Pleasing:

  • Not being honest:
    • Dishonesty in not expressing true feelings
    • Impact on self and relationships
  • Living in fear:
    • Fear of others’ opinions and reactions
    • Self-judgment and insecurity
  • Resentment:
    • Building up of resentment due to lack of honesty
    • Inner conflict and self-blame
  • Creating distance in relationships:
    • Disconnect caused by people-pleasing behavior
    • Impact on spiritual connection and self-worth
  • Being controlling and manipulative:
    • Attempting to control others’ perceptions and reactions
    • Lack of authenticity and trustworthiness
  • Not trusting God:
    • Reliance on personal control rather than divine guidance
    • Impact on relationships and self-growth
  • Playing God:
    • Overstepping boundaries and attempting to control outcomes
    • Disconnect from spiritual alignment and self-awareness

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