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May 3, 2024

Ep462: We’re as Sick as Our Secrets

Do you hide the “evidence” after a binge so no one will find out? Do you put on a happy face with others, never letting people know when you’re feeling down? Secrets keep us feeling isolated and alone, and they perpetuate emotional eating. If you want to experience lasting weight loss, it’s time to stop hiding and let yourself be seen. In this episode, I share about the kinds of secrets I lived with before that drove my out-of-control eating, and how I was able to finally heal. 

  • Emotional eaters often struggle with secrecy and shame around their eating habits.
  • The burden of carrying secrets contributes to feelings of isolation and perpetuates the cycle of overeating.
  • Many emotional eaters hide their eating behaviors from loved ones, intensifying feelings of shame and loneliness.
  • Childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse, can lead to deep-seated shame and self-destructive behaviors like compulsive eating.
  • Healing begins with breaking the cycle of secrecy and sharing one’s struggles with trusted individuals or a supportive community.
  • Healing involves accepting and loving oneself, despite past mistakes and perceived flaws.
  • Sharing one’s secrets and vulnerabilities with others is essential for healing and finding support.
  • You are not alone in your struggles with food and weight. Reach out for help and support to begin your journey towards healing and freedom.

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