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May 8, 2024

Ep463: 275 Pounds and Hopeless: My Mentor’s Story

I recently came across this short recording of my mentor, Roy Nelson, telling his story of being a hopeless case, and boy, he wasn’t kidding. No nonsense. Just pure truth about core beliefs we adopt from childhood, how the subconscious mind stores data we take on, and how to change, and what happens when you actually get what you want (it may not be good). Hope this moves you as much as it moved me!

  • Personal testimony of hopelessness and internal turmoil
  • External manifestations reflect internal struggles
  • Importance of seeking help from those with shared experiences
  • Various struggles: Obesity, substance abuse, obsession
  • Frustration with conventional treatments and disciplines
  • Dishonesty with oneself stems from fear of change
  • Solution involves touching hearts at a deep level
  • Removal of desire for excess/unhealthy food
  • Weight loss becomes effortless through inner transformation
  • Acknowledgment of personal powerlessness
  • Hopeful message: There is a way out
  • Formation of beliefs from faulty data and experiences
  • Disillusionment with attainment of desires
  • Downward spiral after reaching peak success
  • Core problem lies in the subconscious mind
  • Solution involves dismantling fear with love
  • Healing emotional wounds through acknowledgment and addressing
  • Process of feeling, dealing, and healing

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