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May 9, 2024

Ep464: Do You Let People Love You?

It seems like it would be easy to let people love us. After all, love is what we’ve craved all our lives. But when it comes to that intimate feeling of being seen, and loved, we can get a little squeamish. And then we sabotage the relationship with nit-picking and histrionics. Do you relate? Here’s my take on this, and how to sidestep the trap.

  • Episode topic: Do You Let People Love You?
  • Tricia shares her experience with binge eating and its roots in childhood experiences
  • Different manifestations of emotional eating: binge eating, emotional snacking, late-night eating, volume eating
  • Discussion on the emotional eater’s tendency to reject love and put up walls
  • Personal anecdote about feeling uncomfortable with receiving love from a customer service representative
  • Mentor’s advice on letting others love you and its healing potential
  • Exploration of childhood trauma and its impact on emotional eating and ability to receive love
  • Discussion on the importance of healing emotional wounds to allow oneself to be loved
  • Relationship between self-love, healing from emotional eating, and ability to give and receive love in relationships
  • Importance of addressing shame and negative self-talk in the healing process
  • Emphasis on the healing power of love and the journey towards self-acceptance and freedom from emotional eating

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