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May 16, 2024

Ep466: Are You a Binger, Snacker or Stuffer?

As emotional eaters, our behaviors around food vary. I was a binger…and I could pack away thousands of calories in one sitting. But some have different habits with food. In this episode, I talk about our various habits and how they help us manage our emotions. Yes, you can be more than one type, but getting aware of what you do and why is the first step toward healing your relationship with food.

  • Binging Behavior:
    • Started in childhood, influenced by sister
    • Typical intake: 2,000-4,000 calories per binge
    • Consumed high-calorie, comfort foods
    • Termed “garbage eating” for disposing of remaining food
  • Snacking Behavior:
    • Continuous nibbling, grazing, picking
    • Food serves as a comfort or security blanket
    • Emotional aspect: numbing out from emotions
    • Snacking as a form of emotional eating
  • Stuffing Behavior:
    • Eating more than necessary at meals
    • Consuming heavier, calorie-rich foods
    • Seeks fullness to avoid feeling emotions
    • Similar to snacking and binging as an escape mechanism
  • Reasons for Using Food:
    • Painkiller: numbing uncomfortable feelings
    • Escape: distraction from emotions
    • Punishment: subconscious guilt leading to overeating

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