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May 27, 2024

Ep469: My Spanish Adventure Part 1

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine, which I did nothing about…until now. My new goal is to learn to speak Spanish by age 60. I’m not too far away! So I pulled out the stops and have taken a lot of action to make this dream come true. (It’s not going to just happen, after all.) In this episode, I describe how I’ve prepared for my Spanish Adventure.

  • Tricia shares her own journey of being 50 pounds overweight and emotionally addicted to food; emphasizes the importance of inner healing and emotional well-being in overcoming food struggles.
  • Tricia discusses her upcoming trip to Spain, marking the 40th anniversary of her previous visit.
  • Recalls her experience living in Spain as a teenager, working as a car mechanic, and struggling with excessive drinking.
  • Reflects on her past behavior and personal growth since then, highlighting her journey towards self-respect and healing.
  • Shares her intention to learn Spanish through a two-week immersion program in Barcelona.
  • Expresses excitement and nervousness about the upcoming adventure, describing it as “terri-sighted.”
  • Encourages listeners to take action towards their goals, emphasizing the importance of commitment and investment.
  • Expresses gratitude for the opportunity to have a “do-over” and reflects on the journey of personal growth.

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