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May 30, 2024

Ep470: Ready for Your Act 3 Reinvention? A Fun Convo with Charlene Gorzela

Are you living a juicy life? Or are you needing a possible 3rd act reinvention? If life is feeling a little dull and you’d like a boost, check out my conversation with my good friend and reinvention coach, Charlene Gorzela. Charele sold her company of 26 years and started a new career. She also met and married her husband during the pandemic. In this episode, we talk about the inner journey of healing that gives us the best outer journey of life. Yes, your best chapter of life is waiting for you.

  • Charlene’s Introduction:
    • Description of Charlene as a reinvention coach
    • Highlighting her professional and personal background
    • Emphasis on living a fulfilled life
  • Charlene’s Journey:
    • Transition from CEO to coach
    • Experience of grief and loss
    • Importance of addressing grief and transitions
  • Relationship and Personal Growth:
    • Discussion on finding alignment and personal development
    • Embracing the journey of self-discovery
    • Preparation for meaningful relationships
  • Divine Discontent and Internal Changes:
    • Acknowledgment of internal shifts leading to external changes
    • Importance of personal growth within current situations
  • Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence:
    • Introduction to Positive Intelligence coaching
    • Practice of calming the mind and accessing no-mind state
    • Discussion on overcoming judgment and other saboteurs
  • Closing Thoughts:
    • Encouragement for self-exploration and influence from others
    • Wishing peace, love, and harmony to all

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