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June 4, 2024

Ep471: My Spanish Adventure – Part 2

Hola – de Barcelona! So this is my second episode, following my first week of traveling to Spain and attending Spanish language school. I’m learning many lessons, and not just the ones happening in class! I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and experiences here, in this short, but fun, account of all that’s been happening!

  • Recap of previous episode discussing attendance at Spanish school in Barcelona and reflections on past experiences with Spanish learning
  • Description of initial placement test for Spanish class and personal reflections on feeling overwhelmed
  • Experience staying with a 79-year-old widow host and appreciation for cultural exchange
  • Acknowledgment of initial fear and negative thoughts, and reminder that improvement is inevitable with effort
  • Gratitude for international environment and language practice opportunities, commitment to speaking Spanish
  • Excitement for future episodes to share overall reflections and upcoming visit from partner to explore Barcelona
  • Reiteration of importance of not using food to cope with emotions, and gratitude for support of Heal Your Hunger community
  • Expression of love and gratitude to listeners, affirmation of commitment to healing journey, and promise to share more insights in next episode

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