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June 6, 2024

Ep472: Good Food Bad Food Reframe

Diet culture: there are so many things to say about how years of dieting affects our psyche, our relationship with our bodies, and how we view food. Food is food. But too often, we put food in camps: the good and the bad. And we lose our power in the process. In this short and sweet episode, I unpack this, so you can begin to move beyond this destructive mindset and clear your path for freedom.

  • Critique of labeling foods as good or bad
  • Empowerment to take responsibility for food choices
  • Personal journey as an emotional eater and coach
  • Emphasis on individualized approach to food choices and listening to one’s body
  • Importance of addressing underlying emotional issues
  • Criticism of diet culture’s influence on language and mindset
  • Shift towards discerning what foods work best for one’s own well-being
  • Agreement to abandon “good” and “bad” food language
  • Call to action to change dietary language and make healing choices

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