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June 18, 2024

Ep475: Are You Bored – or Just Uncomfortable?

One of the scariest things for emotional eaters is downtime – unplanned, unstructured moments when we don’t know what to do with ourselves…so we eat. In this episode, I had one of those almost moments…and what I did about it. The idea that we eat because we’re bored can be a cop-out. So let’s dig a bit deeper…

  • About the Show:
    • Focus on real issues beyond weight loss noise
    • Personal experience as a former emotional eater
    • Acknowledging ongoing journey with emotional eating
    • Noting habitual thought of filling time with food
    • Importance of managing eating during travel
    • Understanding Boredom Eating
    • Challenging the concept of boredom eating
    • Identifying discomfort with free time
    • Linking boredom to anxiety or nervousness
  • Advice for Emotional Eaters:
    • Encouraging awareness during idle moments
    • Emphasizing discomfort with ‘being’ versus ‘doing’
    • Need to acclimate to feelings without distraction

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