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Heal Your Hunger Journey Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible for a refund of the investment, participants are required to meet the Program Requirements, with the expectation that these requirements are designed to facilitate significant positive changes in their relationship with food, outlook on life, sense of hopefulness, and feelings of support and progress. If a participant has diligently fulfilled these requirements within the initial 30 days and can demonstrate, in writing, that there has been no observable improvement in the aforementioned areas, they may request a refund of their investment.

To be eligible for a refund of your investment, you must complete the following Program Requirements within the initial 30-day period and subsequently demonstrate, in writing, a lack of improvement in your relationship with food, outlook on life, sense of hopefulness, and feelings of support and progress:

  • Schedule and successfully complete your initial mentor call.
  • Schedule and successfully complete the second call with your mentor.
  • Connect with a coach during designated office hours on the weekend.
  • Diligently complete the first 5 modules, including watching videos, completing homework, and quizzes thoughtfully, thoroughly, and with sincerity.
  • Wholeheartedly work on integrating the Self-Care Secrets into your daily routine to establish a supportive morning regimen.
  • Attend at least 3 of the Sunday Connection calls.
  • Attend live sessions of the Wednesday Q&A calls, or if you are unable to attend in real-time, listen to the recordings.
  • Actively introduce yourself and participate in the “HYH Community” Facebook group by engaging in comments and posts.


Should you find yourself unsatisfied and genuinely perceive no improvement, please compose an email to (with a cc to, providing an account of your experiences and elucidating the reasons why you believe the HYH program has not proven effective for you. Subsequently, you will receive a link to schedule a call with Tricia to discuss the refund parameters.