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How to Find Fulfillment as an Emotional Eater

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Glenn Close won a 2019 Golden Globe for best actress in a movie drama. She played a renowned author’s wife in a movie called The Wife. Here’s what she said, in part, in her acceptance speech: “I’m thinking of my mom, who really sublimated herself to my father her whole life and in her 80s [...]

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Do Gum, Mints, and Flavored Drinks Lead to Emotional Eating?

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Having emotional eating issues means that you are orally fixated. People like us, love to chew, suck, lick, slurp and consume. But when we try to eat less and choose only healthy foods, we might look for something to fill us up besides food. Are substitute “fixes” like gum, mints, and flavored drinks OK? Or [...]

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Do Emotional Eaters Have (Busy) Body Issues?

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Do you have a busybody? Are cravings getting the better of you? You’ve heard me say before, food isn’t the issue. The root cause of many cravings, and emotional eating, goes way beyond what you put in your mouth. One answer to uncontrollable cravings can come from an uncomfortable place. You may be a busybody. [...]

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Resolve to Stop Resolving

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Dear Tricia:                                                                                                                                 For years, I have made weight loss resolutions that I haven’t achieved. What can I do differently this year to accomplish my goals?                                                           [...]

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Watching out for “Party” Portion!

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Dear Tricia: As far as eating the right foods and portion sizes, I do well at home during the week. But whenever there is a social event or potluck, I tend to overeat and my portion sizes are far larger than at home. Is it socializing or an inner conflict that’s driving me?     [...]

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Sexual Addiction as a Precursor

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Dear Tricia: There always seems to be a lot of press related to the sexual molestation of minors. I have a hard time understanding why these people do what they do. There seems to be a pattern of abusers having a history of being sexual abused. Do you deal with these issues in the help [...]

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When the Funhouse Mirror Isn’t so Fun

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Dear Tricia: My whole life I have felt fat. I am actually a normal weight, but I don’t feel like it. I have always felt bigger than my friends and been embarrassed about my weight. But when I look at pictures, I look pretty normal. Why can’t I see myself the way others see me?  [...]

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How to Avoid Eating when bad news strike?

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Dear Tricia, with all this news about our economy and unstable stock market, job losses and foreclosures, I feel depressed about the state of our nation. I find that I'm consoling myself with food and wine at night and it's hard to break the cycle. How can I avoid letting all this bad news get [...]

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Do You Eat to Quiet Your Mind?

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“Dear Tricia, I'm an emotional eater. I'm convinced my situation would improve if only my head wasn't spinning a hundred miles a minute. I can't turn it off. I find that the only time I have a respite is when I'm zoning out in front of the TV with a bag of chips or cookies. [...]