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When the Funhouse Mirror Isn’t so Fun

Dear Tricia:

My whole life I have felt fat. I am actually a normal weight, but I don’t feel like it. I have always felt bigger than my friends and been embarrassed about my weight. But when I look at pictures, I look pretty normal. Why can’t I see myself the way others see me? 

                                                                                                                                                      – Obsessed in Ohio

Dear Obsessed:

Most compulsive eaters suffer from “fat-head.” (I think I just made up that term, but it’s apt, don’t you think?)

I, too, look back at childhood pictures and see proof that I wasn’t as fat as I thought I was at the time. It’s really sad, actually. And I would go so far as to binge to kill the pain of “feeling fat.” How crazy is that?

This distorted body image is one of many symptoms of eating disorders. Also, as women, our bodies are sensitive and bloat more easily than the average person as well as being more susceptible to gaining weight. Oddly, those who are thin are often plagued the most, because they can feel every pound gained.

The solution? Healing the spirit within. Tweet this!

I know, I’ve said it before, but really, going to the gym won’t heal the persistent feeling of feeling fat. Obsession with body size is like all other obsessions; it masks deeper pain and stress.

Here are two options:

  1. When obsessive thoughts plague you, go within. Seek calm through meditation and comfort from a higher power. I like to use the:

Affirmation: “God is in charge of my weight, and He’s doing a great job!” Tweet this!

  1. I can also “go without,” turning my thoughts to something more meaningful than my thighs and butt, like helping a friend who may be having a hard time. Helping others always gets us out of our heads, which gives God time to heal us.

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