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Watching out for “Party” Portion!

Dear Tricia:

As far as eating the right foods and portion sizes, I do well at home during the week. But whenever there is a social event or potluck, I tend to overeat and my portion sizes are far larger than at home. Is it socializing or an inner conflict that’s driving me?

                                                                                                                   ~Wondering in Washington

Dear Wondering:

Thanks for your great question! Most compulsive eaters have a hard time sticking to what’s good for them when eating out or in social situations.

Obviously, when we are faced with richer, high calorie foods at social events, the temptation to overeat will be greater. When the atmosphere is celebratory, our minds decide that a special occasion is excuse enough to deviate from the norm of tossed salads and baked chicken. However, there is some psychology involved as well.

To find the underlying cause of it, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to feel “a part of it” by eating what everyone else is eating and not feel “left out”?
  • Am I feeling self-conscious, believing that if I don’t have cake or Aunt Sally’s casserole, others will notice and be disappointed?
  • Do I feel a little uneasy being around others I don’t know well and am therefore seeking a little added security in starchy, heavier foods?
  • Am I taking advantage of a free meal by “just going for it”?

Try to be conscious of your uncomfortable feelings and pray to have them removed instead of eating over or through them.

What others think of you is not nearly as important as what you think of you. Besides, they’re not thinking of you – they are thinking of themselves!

We love helping people with all different forms of eating disorders because we show you how to literally live life without needing the crutch and the coping tools of any kind of eating disorder.



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